Welcome to Michael Connollys AlphaZone School of Yoga webpage where you can find valuable information on how you can experience the wonderful benefits of Yoga & Meditation in your life through yoga classes at levels and times to suit all – through yoga workshops inc visiting International teachers – through yoga teacher training – yoga continued professional development for teachers. We are here to help and assist you in your yoga journey weather you are brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner

See you on the mat soon 🙂

Om Shanti


Michael teaches with a friendly lightheartedness that is richly informed by his continued yoga studies and 20 + years of teaching experience. Join In – Breathe Deeply – Move Freely – Feel Great

Tuesday 5.45pm – 6.45pm HOUR OF POWER – Intermediate Flow

This class is exactly what the name suggests and hour of your time and energy invested into your own personal power. You can expect to engage fully with all the usual postures, standing – standing balance – inversions – core – backbends – forward folds hips & twists all sequenced and delivered to create a deepening connection for you physically, mentally, and emotionally. This class is intermediate ( 6 months or more practice ) and will be adapted and shaped to meet every student and will leave you feeling stronger, more refreshed, healthier & happier.    Venue: St John of God School Hall

Tuesday 7.00pm – 8.15pm THE BLEND – Intermediate Hatha

This class is delivered using a blend of highly effective and transformative alignment principals, drawing from Iyengar yoga – Anusra yoga – Vinyasa Flow yoga – Bowspring yoga – Restorative yoga expect to work hard, be challenged, invited to your edge, feel great and enjoy the benefits and the afterglow from this class for days afterwards. This class is intermediate ( 6 months or more practice ) and will be adapted and shaped to meet every student and will leave you feeling inspired, energised and recharged. Venue: St John of God School Hall


Thursday 6.00pm – 8.00pm THE PROGRESSION SESSION – Intermediate Workshop Style Class

This is an intermediate / advanced practice dedicated to maximising and accelerating all the benefits of yoga in your life, Expect to deepen your yoga practice, getting way stronger, so much more flexible, all while feeling great, having fun, smiling a lot, this is dedicated time to you being in the best shape of your life, physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically. This class is taught primarily with Anusara Style Alignment. Venue: My Yoga Waterford

Thursday 8.15pm – 9.15pm SETTING THE FOUNDATION – Beginners Yoga 

This class consisting of simple yet powerful breathing practices, a basic yet empowering physical practice followed by nurturing relaxation, all designed and delivered to give the beginner a strong foundation in yoga methodologies in such a way as to accelerate and enhance the benefits of yoga in your life, expect to feel nurtured, healthier, happier, calmer, more centred, fully recharged along with being stronger and more flexible physically and mentally. Venue: My Yoga Waterford


We are so delighted to have the wonderful Bridget Woods Kramer over from the UK to teach two Anusara open workshops on Saturday the 18th Nov more info soon, we are so looking forward to welcoming Bridget back to Waterford 🙂

Anusara Yoga with Bridget Woods Kramer

The Power of our PracticeAn Energy and Pranayama Focused Practice

Sat 18th November Waterford, Ireland.

Our Yoga asana practice builds strength, flexibility and steadiness but it can also work on a deeper, more energetic level to create a greater feeling of equipoise.

The pranic network in the body is fuelled by the psychic centres or chakras. These high powered vortexes of energy can stimulate different organs & functions of the body, they can also be trigger points of awakening for the higher faculties & dimensions of consciousness.

These two Anusara Yoga asana and pranayama practices are designed and sequenced to create the environment of awakening, purifying and rebalancing through the chakras, working with prana, mudras, bandhas and pranayama.  

Saturday Morning 10.00am – 12.45pm

The Ground of Being

This morning asana and pranayama practice will focus on awakening, purifying and rebalancing the chakras in the body, working with prana, mudras, bandhas and pranayama.

Starting with the lower 3 chakras, Muladhara (root), Swadhisthana (sacral) and Manipura (solar plexus), we will work on standing postures, moving to simple hand balances, creating the foundation and grounding needed to move up towards the higher chakras.

Saturday Afternoon 2.15 -5.00pm

Moving on up

This afternoon asana and pranayama practice will continue to focus on awakening, purifying and rebalancing the chakras in the body, working with prana, mudras, bandhas and pranayama.

Working on simple backbends, moving towards inversions such as Pincha Mayurasana (peacock), Sirsana (headstand) and Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), to activate the next 3 chakras: Anahata (heart), Vishuddhi (throat) and Ajna (crown) chakras. Completing the sequence with meditation to tune into the 7th chakra, Sahasrara (crown).

(variations will be given for those that are unable to invert)

Early Bird €40 per practice – €75 for both  or  €45 per practice on the day

Simply Text me on 0868335425 or mail me on alphazonemichaelconnolly@gmail.com